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Optical Fibre Polarizers

In-line optical fibre polarizers have traditionally been manufactured using the overlay metal technique which requires high precision polishing techniques and excellent overlay film characteristics. These devices can be difficult to manufacture and suffer from some well known problems.  The Helica polarizer uses patented technology which overcomes some of these problems and provided a broad bandwidth, high power capacity polarizing component. 

Helica� In - Fiber Linear Polarizer

The Helica� In-Fiber Polarizer (IFP) is an all-glass, flexible polarizer for users requiring the best polarization extinction ratio (PER) available over a broad spectral range. The polarized light is scattered rather than absorbed, making this polarizer uniquely suitable for high power applications. More

Helica Polarizer in connectorised fiber

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 Linear Polarizer

AOS Products Ltd are happy to be able to supply a complete range of bulk optic polarizers manufactured from either a-BBO or calcite.

  • Glan - Taylor

  • Glan - Laser

  • Glan - Thompsom (calcite only)

  • Wollaston

  • Rochon

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