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 Phase Generator Board PHC1 (for use with PSD1)


  • Crystal controlled timing generator

  • f (6.51kHz), 2f (13.02kHz) and 3f (19.53kHz) timing signals

  • Phase synchronised  f, 2f and 3f

  • Independent phase controlled f, 2f and 3f signals

  • Phase control to 9 bits (0.7o)

  • �2 volt sine wave output synchronised to f reference pulse

  • Will piggyback PSD1 board and directly route signals

  • Simple +5 volt supply



Laser Derivative Spectroscopy.  f, 2f, 3f and f, 2f, 3f phase controlled signals can be used for phase measurement at 6.51, 13.03 and 19.53kHz. Suitable for fluorescence spectroscopy



The Phase Generator  board was designed as part of a complete four-channel phase detection system aimed as a measurement solution for the derivative spectroscopy market. The complete system consists of three printed circuit boards that can be mounted in a piggyback fashion in order to form a compact measurement solution.

The system consists of the following printed circuit boards;

 Phase Generator Board; The function of this PCB is to generate stable TTL pulse trains that can be used to control the Phase Sensitive Detector circuitry. In addition an 8 bit sine wave function synchronously locked to the fundamental TTL pulse train is made available for laser current modulation.

 Phase Sensitive Detector Board; The function of this PCB is to provide four-channel phase sensitive detection of incoming signals. This circuitry will accommodate a sensing channel (f and 2f signal demodulation) and a reference/lock channel (f and 3f signal demodulation)

 Laser diode driver board (currently not available as customers tend to prefer to use their own)


Phase Generator Operations Manual


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