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PC1 Precision Peltier Controller Module


  • 0.01oC temperature control capability

  • 0-3A bipolar drive current

  • 10kohm NTC thermistor as standard

  • 3-5V DC supply

  • PWM operation, very low thermal dissipation, minimal heatsinking required

  • Logic level shutdown

  • TEC current analogue monitor

  • P/PI/PID control options

  • Small size ( 70 x 55 mm )

  • USB control unit interface option



This low-cost OEM switch mode precision temperature controller is intended for low to medium drive current bipolar (heating/cooling) Peltier applications, e.g. laser diodes, medical, laboratory and industrial precision temperature control



The PC1 unit is based on a high efficiency PWM power driver chip combined with a state-of-the-art zero-drift chopper stabilised PID controller circuit. The unit provides up to � 3A Peltier drive current with very little heat dissipation from the circuit, which can normally be used without an external heatsink. The module is capable, with adequate thermal management and set-up, of temperature control to better than � 0.01�C. Temperature set-point control is provided by a combination of two fixed value resistors and a high stability 13 turn potentiometer or via a USB interface unit (optional). The module provides operator control, by simple potentiometer adjustment, of both the heating and cooling current limits and the maximum voltage which can be applied across the TEC (control via the optional USB interface unit). The output of the unit can be switched in and out by use of a 5V logic level shutdown facility (or via the USB interface unit) and the TEC current is monitored using an analogue output.







Operating Temperature

Tstg -40 to + 85 oC

Maximum Supply Voltage

Vsupp 5.5 V

Maximum TEC current

ITEC(max) � 3 A

Maximum TEC voltage

VTEC(max) � 4.3 V


PC1 Instruction Manual

PC1 Mechanical Layout


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