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Helica Fibre-Optic, Ultra-High Temperature Sensor

A fibre-optic sensing element is now available for applications requiring accurate measurements to 1000oC

This temperature sensor is based upon Chiral Photonics' chiral grating technology. During the fabrication process a chiral grating is produced which has a controlled dip in its spectral transmission.  The spectral position of this transmission dip is a function of the temperature of the grating.

The graph show the results of computer controlled high-temperature testing of a chiral grating. The temperature was monitored using a thermocouple and the spectral position of the dip using a Micron Optics fibre interrogator. In addition to measuring the sensor in transmission the attachment of a fibre end micro-mirror allows interrogation in reflection to be conducted.

The graph shows a temperature sensitivity of ~1.3nm/100oC. This gives a temperature resolution using this measurement instrument of ~0.4oC and an accuracy of ~�1%.


Temperature Range Up to 1000oC
Accuracy 1%
Sensitivity 0.01nm/oC
Probe (sheathing length) 300mm standard - Other lengths available on request
Sensor/grating length 15mm - Other lengths available on request
Sensor placement 25mm from probe tip - Other configurations available on request
Connector type FC/APC - Other connectors available on request
Packaging See drawing above