Aos Products

Custom Wavelength Laser Diodes

DFB Singlemode Laser Diodes

Patented metal grating stabilisation from 760 to 2900nm. These diodes produce single longitudinal mode emissions with superb optical properties for a wide range of applications including:

  • gas sensing

  • metrology

  • medical sensing

  • telecommunications

available in a variety of standard packaging options including thermoelectric control. Lasers can be order as chip or submount assemblies in TO-cans or fibre coupled modules.


Fabry-Perot Laser Diodes

Multimode longitudinal laser diodes manufactured using ridge and broad area FP designs. Optical powers available from a few mW to several W. Application areas include:

  • gas sensing (in uncluttered wavelength regions)

  • amplifier media for widely tunable external cavity lasers

  • high power lasers for optical pumping.

  • possibility of superluminescent diodes

available in TO header packages, C-mount or to customer specifications with or without thermoelectric module.


Quantum Cascade (QC) Laser Diodes

Mid infrared quantum cascade lasers for investigating the vibrational-rotational transitions of many gas species (e.g. CO2, NH3, 03 etc). Singlemode (DFB) and multimode QC lasers available.  The time averaged output powers are of the order of a few mWs, cor responding to peak powers of several hundred mWs.



In addition AOS Products Ltd can offer high precision temperature control modules.